Ije Contemporary Artist in Warwickshire

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"A notion of sense as a new sensibility that through encounters produces a thinking that moves, is alive, uncontained, nomadic... A form of encounter activated precisely & only though patterns, repetitions, series & flights"  

(Golding, J. The Shadow of Akimbo Corporations; Arched Athleticism and the Becoming Human of 'a People'


Ije (pronounced – Eee J). I live and work in Rugby, Warwickshire and have a Masters Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art, Birmingham City University 


I make work in response to corporeal encounters running/walking/dwelling; travelling through terrain, near expanses of water, sky and ‘natural’ land; I undertake durational activity, enabling the philosophical/conceptual elements to merge with the physical, the labour, the process of creating, testing and making; documenting as a sensing being; absorbing and responding to my encounters with time, space and place. then documenting thoughts/responses during and following each activity. In 2016 I covered more than 2016 km (1,253 miles) running/walking/cycling.

Repetition, pattern, performance and gesture are prominent during my activities and then making processes In the studio, where I translocate my rhythmical, repetitive involvement, through mark making, layering, words and labour onto surfaces. I work predominantly in acrylics and oils plus other materials such as yarn, paper, sparkly things and found objects to create tactile, vibrant works linked to landscape, geology, weather, water in all its formations, folklore, time & activity. I am currently increasing and developing my use of photography/video, weaving it with my poetry and integrating within installations.          



"It is our habit to think outdoors - walking, leaping, climbing, dancing, preferably on lonely mountains or near the sea where even the trails become thoughtful."   

(Nietzsche, F. The Gay Science)



























Latest Work

  • Marking Time: Jura
  • Description:

    2016; w 500 x h 300 x d 135 cm; multi-media installation

    Time like mist surrounds me; substantial, yet ephemeral

    Time is rhythm – there are numbers – there are multiples / Time is memory – is remembering the instances – micro to macro / Time is travelling – the future is closer than I think – has it passed me by?

    I’m walking, I’m running – connected to my rhythm – to the Earth’s motion / Counting, marking time – taking time – feeling time

    Substantial, yet ephemeral; time like mist surrounds me

    Ije 1.5.16 06:39; 10.5.16 07:01; 7.8.16 10:37; 10.8.16 13:30