Ije Contemporary Artist in Warwickshire

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"A notion of sense as a new sensibility that through encounters produces a thinking that moves, is alive, uncontained, nomadic... A form of encounter activated precisely & only though patterns, repetitions, series & flights"  

(Golding, J. The Shadow of Akimbo Corporations; Arched Athleticism and the Becoming Human of 'a People'



Ije (pronounced – Eee J). I live and work in Rugby, Warwickshire and have an MA Fine Art from Birmingham City University

A conceptual/expressionist mixed practice artist: painting, poetry, installation, printing, photography, video and curation. Undertaking durational activity in the landscape, my work seeks to reshape embodied notions, respond to encounters with time, space and place through making and documenting; generating works activated through gesture, texture, layering, repetition, colour and reflectiveness.

My paintings vary in size, most often on a larger scale and are rhizomatically connected through conceptual series. I work predominantly in acrylics and oils with the addition of other materials such as yarn, beads, textiles, swarf, wire and sparkly reflective things to create tactile, highly textured and vibrant works. I am also experimenting with film and installations, weaving my poetry, sculptures and documentation with images from my activities and making.



"It is our habit to think outdoors - walking, leaping, climbing, dancing, preferably on lonely mountains or near the sea where even the trails become thoughtful."   

(Nietzsche, F. The Gay Science)



























Latest Work

  • Description:

    Oil / mixed media on linen

    2018; w 46 x h 46 x d 4 cm; white floater frame; SOLD