Ije Contemporary Artist in Warwickshire

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"A notion of sense as a new sensibility that through encounters produces a thinking that moves, is alive, uncontained, nomadic... A form of encounter activated precisely & only though patterns, repetitions, series & flights"  

(Golding, J. The Shadow of Akimbo Corporations; Arched Athleticism and the Becoming Human of 'a People'



Ije (pronounced – Eee J). I live and work in Rugby, Warwickshire and have a Masters degree Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art, BCU 

A conceptual/expressionist abstract painter plus poetry, installation, photography, video and curation. I am a founding member of the OMHS Collective based in Oxfordshire; A member of the Association of Midland Artists (AMA) and Rugby artists Group (RAG).


I make work in response to conceptual & corporeal encounters running / walking / dwelling near expanses of water, sky and ‘natural’ land; undertaking durational activity, the physical labour, the process of creating, testing and making; documenting as a sensing being; absorbing and responding to encounters with time, space and place. In 2016 I covered more than 2016 km (1,253 miles)


Repetition, pattern, performance and gesture are prominent during my activities and making processes; in the studio, translocating my rhythmical, repetitive involvement, through layering and mark making onto surfaces. I work predominantly in acrylics and oils plus other materials such as yarn, paper, sparkly things and found objects to create tactile, vibrant works. I am currently further developing the use of photography / video, weaving it with poetry and within installations.



"It is our habit to think outdoors - walking, leaping, climbing, dancing, preferably on lonely mountains or near the sea where even the trails become thoughtful."   

(Nietzsche, F. The Gay Science)



























Latest Work

  • Description:

    Oil / mixed media on canvas

    2015; w 50 X h 50 X d 4 cm; SOLD