beep2014See 'TORRENT' 10 October to 9 November 2014
BEEP Wales International Painting Prize 2014: A Portrait Of The Artist As

BEEP (bi-ennial exhibition of painting) is Wales' only large scale contemporary international painting exhibition, bringing painting out of traditional gallery spaces and into unused retail spaces in Swansea City centre.

Following on from beep 2012: Through Tomorrows Eyes, this year's theme was 'A Portrait of the Artist as...' and featured the work of 48 artists from around the globe. There were over 200 submissions to the exhibition; the artists were asked to veer away from traditional portraiture and explore how they see themselves as an artist or what events or places made them the person they are today... fact or fiction, it was up to them. The exhibitors were chosen by celebrated Welsh artist and writer Iwan Bala and Ruth Cayford the Visual Arts manager for Cardiff County Council.

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BEEP 2014 - 10 October to 9 November
The Old Iceland Building,
27-29 High St,
Swansea, South Wales

Latest Work

  • Marking Time: Jura
  • Description:

    2016; w 500 x h 300 x d 135 cm; multi-media installation

    Time like mist surrounds me; substantial, yet ephemeral

    Time is rhythm – there are numbers – there are multiples / Time is memory – is remembering the instances – micro to macro / Time is travelling – the future is closer than I think – has it passed me by?

    I’m walking, I’m running – connected to my rhythm – to the Earth’s motion / Counting, marking time – taking time – feeling time

    Substantial, yet ephemeral; time like mist surrounds me

    Ije 1.5.16 06:39; 10.5.16 07:01; 7.8.16 10:37; 10.8.16 13:30