4.3.11 NightSkyandBeyondA5 Leaflet Lowres-102402/04/2011 - 07/05/2011 - The Night Sky and Beyond 2011 – 4 artist show at Dunchurch Art Gallery and Studio, with Michael McCormick, Ann Brain (RA) and Anne Wright

Latest Work

  • Perdurance 4 Shaping The Habits Of My Body 1 Seeking Corryvreckan Diptych
  • Description:

    Acrylic, yarn & modelling paste on canvas

    Jura, I have memories of our meeting - the patterns of my encounters here written with my body. Having journeyed all this way I couldn't quite see, hear or touch you, yet I knew you were there

    2016; Diptych w 240 x h 150 x d 4.5 cm; FOR SALE